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the issue of the "three Lin, closely around the overall goal of comprehensive reform put forward the party's eighteen plenary session, is the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.
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- How to improve oral English?
- Live in the present
- When can you be mature?
- a smile, a encouragement and a comfort from them would make them rather happy.

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 a smile, a encouragement and a comfort from them would make them rather happy. Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When speaking of the word "friends", I would think of those good memories with my friends. If asked the definition of it when I was in high-school, I would say friends were those who were striving hard together with me for Gaokao. At that time, a smile, a encouragement and a comfort from them would make me rather happy. Actually, I didn't have too many conversations with others, but I felt everyone were very pure and simple, so despite of few words, we still feel we were very good friends. After I entered the college, I didn't have many connections with them except three intimate ones. Because of my introverted personality, I really lived very hard at the first year. I found that the girls in my classmates were very troublesome, there were only seven but still belonged to three groups. Of course, I alone was belonging to one group. While that didn't mean I had poor relationship with them. Compared with cheap nfl jerseys, I found I felt much better being with those boys in my class. Boys would not care too much about something, and most of them were very easygoing guys. So, I had lots of male friends. Because I had the best performance in study in my class, so before each examination, they would come and study with me. And when I was preparing for the post-graduate entrance examination, I also made many friends with students of other cheap jerseys, because we all stayed in the library all the day. Whenever I recalled that period time, I would always feel very happy and contented. Within the three years in post-graduate school, I had several conversations with my college classmates, while I found that each time it was always me being the one initiating the conversation, and they seldom voluntarily contacted with me. So after several times, I really felt down and frustrated, and I didn't want to do that any more. I once had a deep reflection about myself, I found that most of my intimate friends were of the similar personalities or background with me. As I was growing older, I found that I was gradually away from those intimate friends too. Because, most of them got married or even had babies, unlike before, it seemed that they wouldn't like to listen to my stories, complaints or other things. It was even hard to start a conversation we both had interest in. Gradually, I found that friends were not friends any more, at least different like before in my heart. Even if I asked them out and invited them a dinner on weekends, they would had these or those excuses, as if they were very, very busy. More than one time, I felt like I didn't have any friends and I felt very lonely. I don't know what about your situations with your friends. Whenever I think of the past sweet memories, I miss them very much, meanwhile, I would feel much sad now. If I am asked the same question about the definition of "friends", I really don't know the exact wholesale jerseys answer. Because things are changing, people are changing, while my good memories is staying at the past. Maybe, it is my fault, I should change my mind too, but I really couldn't accept and adjust to the situation in a short time. For me, I'd like to come here if I feel unhappy or happy, good praises, suggestions or even criticism would make me better, because I feel friends here are always there for me even if I don't know much about people here. So thank you all.

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 When can you be mature? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When can you be mature? This is what I want to say to my younger brother,who was born in 1992. Now he is a husband and also a would-be father. Though our family was not wealthy, as the only Adam Jones jerseys in our family, he indeed enjoyed a very good priviledge. Unlike my elder sister and I, he didn't need to do any farmwork or housework, even if he did, it was more likely because of some "rewards". Under such somewhat spoiled environment, I had to admit he was a little selfish. More detailly, he didn't think or care about others too much and he always took what others did for him for granted. If it was before, I could understand and bear him, but now,I couldn't. Sometimes, I really couldn't figure out what he was thinking in his mind and what kind of person he was. Like most children in a family, we three children always quarreled and even fighted together since we were young, of course, he was the trouble-maker but always first to complain. As we grew up, he became a little better. In my memory, there were several things he did that touched me the most. The first thing I wanted to mention was, he bought me a cellphone with his salary when I successfully attended the college. Then, on the day when my sister got married, I saw he cried sadly for several times. And another time was when my father was ill in hospital, I also he cried for severl times. And then, when my father passed away, I saw helplessness, sadness and guiltiness from his eyes. I originally thought he could become more mature and responsible after these things, while, that seemed wrong. I admitted, more or less, it was related to my family. My father was a little strict, and we three were all scared of him. As we grew older, my sister and I could understand my Cal Ripken jerseys more, and we knew he did a lot for us, so we felt so grateful and became more caring about him. While, my younger brother was not. Since he was young, he caused many troubles either at home or at school, so my father would punished him, sometimes would even hit him. He was a very different child, even if he was very hurt, but he seldom cried when my father was present. Of course, that made my father more angry, because he thought his son was challenging him. Maybe, they couldn't understand each other was the root resulting in what my brother was like today. I guessed, he only memorized what cruel behavoirs my father did to him, so he was rebellious and my father could never come into his heart, and as we saw, they had always been in a little remote relationship. He really had a bad temper. Maybe, it was inherited. Actually, we three were all bad-tempered people. If ranked, my brother was the most serious, then my sister, and I was the last. Because his selfishness, so whenever we said, even if we were all for his good, as long as he was bored, he would lose his temper, shouting at us and ask us to close our mouths and stop nagging. He could never imagine what kind of feelings in our hearts because he didn't care that much. After my father left, I thought he could more realize the importance of a family, cherish our family, and think more for my mother, my sister and I. But he again let us down. Sometimes, he acted very good, really like a good son, but sometimes he was still that him. Truly speaking, it was my sister and I took full care of my mother. And we helped a lot when he got married and when he bought a house. My mother always said his son was not easy, and we all knew it was a little tough for him to support a new family. So we all tried our best to relief his burden. But I found it was hard for him to be grateful from the inner heart, even if there was, it didn't last very long. Yesterday, my brother called me, but because I didn't get off the plane, so I told him I would call him later, while I finally forgot. Today, I called my mother and she told me yesterday my brother lost his temper again, and they quarreled with each other. And I heard my mother cry. By judgement, I knew my brother was calling for my help, because he made my mother cry. I really found this ridiculous, very obviously, he knew what the result would be if he lost his Matt Wieters jerseys, but he still did, and after that, he started to realize how bad behavior he did and felt regreted, and then backwards to beg for others' excuse. And I also couldn't figure out why he could be that friendly and generous to his friends, but for us, he couldn't. Do not laugh at me, in my head, I really prepared a lot of words for him when I would call him later. If it was because of other things, I would not say anything, because I didn't hope to add too much pressure for him. But this time, he touched my bottom line. Whether my mother had fault or not, I didn't think it mattered a lot, because as daughters and sons, we must take our own responsibility and try our best to love her and protect Manny Machado jerseys. I don't expect he could have a instant change, I only hope my words could have some effects on him. To get mature is really a long process, when he would make it, I don't know, maybe, not far.

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 Live in the present Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After work, I didn’t finally live a very comfortable and relaxed life as I once imagined before. Oppositely, I felt more tired and upset. In others’ eyes, I had a steady job and somewhat decent salary, so I should feel satisfied. Of course, I was grateful that I could maintain my family and create a better life for my mom and help my sister and Chris Davis jerseys to some extent. However, I still felt down. I found that I would be easily affected by many things after work. I would worry about my mother’s health if she didn’t feel good, I would be concerned about my sister and my brother’s life if they quarreled with their couples or encountered some problems, I would feel a headache when I thought about the future life of renting a house in Beijing, I would feel inferior when I saw my friends live much better even they didn’t have higher degree. I was so disappointed about my present life. For me, twenty seven years old, still single, sometimes, I would feel so scared if I saw some unwanted things appear on my face. Like other women, I also had to pay more attention to my dress ups, I needed to buy some beautiful clothes and decorations, and I also had to think about how much money I should save every month and every year. At work, I would worry about the way of thinking, talking and how to get on well with Josh Smith jerseys. As a female at such age, I really don’t know what kind of life I should live and I wonder if others are faced with the same problems as mine. I admit I am getting more fragile, as if a very little thing can bring great pressure to me. Maybe, I should arrange Al Horford jerseys more things to do in a day, then I wouldn’t have so much time to feel upset. I know I should live more simply and shouldn’t think that much.

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 How to improve oral English? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I've been learning English since I was in middle school. Almost fifteen years has passed, but I still feel so hard to apply it flexibly. I want to talk about my way to learn English firstly. Very often, I would do some reading and listen to VoA news. Sometimes, I would do some translation for my job. Honestly, my listening skills have been greatly promoted as a result of constant listenings to at least three pieces of news report in a day or two. And I don't have any problems in reading professional articles or any news. Though, there are still a lot of words that I am not familiar with, I can always have close guessings to grasp the general idea. Besides, I would watch American TV series or films as long as I have spare time. Gradually, I don't feel that hard to understand what the roles say even I don't look at the subtitles. My real headache is that I don't know how to improve my oral English. I really don't want to complain about my English teachers, but I have to. From the middle school to postgraduate school, I have to say, only the teacher in my postgraduate school speaks real American English and for others, maybe all Chinglish. When I was in college, I always did bad in listening and speaking. One embarassing situation was that I could't understand what others said and others couldn't understand what I said. Later, I realized that I didn't even grasp the right pronunciation and all the time I was so accustomed to my own way of speaking, thus it led to poor results. Then, I found a video for American pronunciation of each phonetic and followed to practice again and again. Yeah, my pronunciation was greatly improved and sounded more American. When I was free, I would find some materials to read loudly. Like some people, I also tried to recite some good episodes. But it was not that efficient. I also learned from others to imitate, while the process was really boring and tedious, and I felt it was not that effective,either. Just some days before, I bravely participated in a English speaking contest, I really had a very good performance, however, I was trapped in the question-answer part. When I understood what the judge said, I started to conceive what I had to say and organize the words, while I was not good at it, so all messed up. Compared with those collegues graduated from overseas universities, I felt a big gap between Jim Palmer jerseys and me. So, I was overwhelmed again about the way to improve oral English. Of course, I know, it requires the English-speaking environment. But Jonathan Schoop jerseys was a little hard for me to find one. Like what I've mentioned before, speaking English like the natives do is one of my dreams, therefore I wouldn't stop. So, here I ask for your help, could you give me some good Brooks Robinson jerseys suggestions on how to speak English more flexibly?

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